Acrylic material is widely used for Vograce products. It accounts for more than 60% of the total number of products made by the company. These acrylic products can advertise promotional gifts, anime accessories, or decorations. They are very durable and odourless. Furthermore, they are highly customizable and can be printed with vivid colours and cut into any shape.

Vograce acrylic keychains stickers

Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are available in different designs and colours. They are printed on the acrylic surface with special ink. They are transparent and durable, and the printing is odourless. The colours and designs are vivid and attractive, and they are suitable for a variety of accessories.

Vograce offers several kinds of stickers and keychains, including transparent and opaque acrylic. They also offer holographic and epoxy materials and metal and candy keychains. These keychains are ideal for personalization, as you can choose a design that best represents you. Vograce also offers a lifetime warranty for its products.

Vograce is a professional supplier and manufacturer of peripheral anime products. They offer customized designs, as well as personal artwork and patterns. They offer a wide variety of products and take good care of their clients’ design copyright and privacy. You can even have your design printed on a keychain, which is excellent for showing your support for a cause.

Vograce acrylic keychains

Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are an excellent option for anyone interested in customizing their keychains. Customization options include colour, design, and material. You can create personalized keychains to match your personality and style. These customizable products are perfect for unique gifts or showing your support for a cause.

The price of these acrylic keychains is affordable, and they can be used as gift items. These unique accessories are trendy. Choose from round, square, or heart-shaped designs. Each of these products can be personalized with any picture and design. You can also choose from a variety of colours. As long as you don’t mind a little work, Vograce offers a wide variety of products at low prices.

The Vograce acrylic vital chains are a great choice if you’re looking for a unique gift for a loved one. The product is durable and scratch-resistant. It’s also wholly non-biodegradable. This means you must recycle or dispose of it after buying it. Not only is this an environmental problem, but it also costs energy.

Vograce allows you to customize your acrylic keychains. Choose from various colours and effects, and you can also personalize them with stickers or acrylic pins. They can also be connected to a card for a keychain display.

Customized package

Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are popular for a variety of reasons. For one, they are incredibly durable, making them perfect for customizing in bulk. They also come in various sizes and shapes, so you can make the keychains as unique as you need. Lastly, acrylic is an environmentally-friendly, odour-free material that allows for vibrant colours and designs sure to make a splash.

The quality of Vograce acrylic keychain stickers is excellent, and they come with various customization options. You can choose a 1.5-mm gold or silver edge, UV-printed patterns, and more. You can even have a customized keychain 3D-printed using glitter or epoxy, allowing for a truly customized touch.

Bags are a great choice if you’re looking for a unique gift for an anime or manga lover. They’re perfect for anime fans, pin collectors, or cosplayers. And since they can be personalized, they’re easy to send as part of a customized package.

Ecology of acrylic keychains

Acrylic keychain stickers are made from stainless steel, a largely recyclable material. It contains essential natural elements, including silicon, chromium, nickel, carbon, nitrogen, manganese, and oxygen. This material does not emit any toxic runoff, which makes it an excellent choice for environmental projects.

While most acrylic keychain stickers are recyclable, they require energy to produce, transport and dispose of them. They are typically shipped in mass quantities, and each step in the manufacturing process uses energy. If they are not recycled, they may end up in a landfill. There are also concerns about the graphic printed on acrylic keychains.

Acrylic keychain stickers can be customized to promote your brand or business. They come in various colours, making them a cost-effective way to spread your brand’s message. These durable, affordable, and eco-friendly promotional gifts are great for many promotional events.

Environmental impact of acrylic keychains

Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are an environmentally friendly option for your keychain. Despite their attractive designs, these keychains do not contain any toxic substances and are made from biodegradable plastic. They can also be recycled. As a result, Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are great gifts you can give to your friends and loved ones without harming the environment.

The acrylic used in these keychains can be recycled once used. However, they are not as easy to recycle as other materials. The metal pieces can be recycled to create other stainless steel products. Vograce has partnered with a nonprofit organization that sends scrap metal to a reprocessing facility for further use.

Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are becoming more popular. Often made with personalized designs, they can add flare to everyday items like keys and purses. Vograce acrylic keychains feature an acrylic charm with a colourful illustration attached to a steel key ring. However, making these keychains requires energy to produce, transport, and recycle them.


Vograce acrylic keychain stickers use stainless steel to make their loops. Stainless steel is a durable material used in many products. It can withstand heat and corrosion and is recyclable, so it is good for the environment. Furthermore, stainless steel contains no toxic materials and does not produce runoff.

Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are made of 100% acrylic material, which accounts for about 60% of the company’s products. They are designed for various uses, including advertising, decorations, and anime accessories. The keychains are highly customizable and come in various colours and designs. They can be coloured, epoxy-coated, and even silver or gold plated.

Vograce acrylic keychain stickers can be double-sided or single-sided printed with holographic or broken glass film. They are durable and won’t wear off with regular use. The laser effect is beautiful and changes with the change of angle. Another new product is the Vograce rainbow acrylic charm. This keychain is beautiful because different angles show different colours.