Bolt action rifles are famed around the world for their simplicity and reliability. It’s for this reason (and more besides) that many people buy Savage 308 rifles and those like them. Rifles such as these have been employed across the US since the early 1800s, and when you see they’re still popular today – they must still offer lots of benefits to the users. 

Whether you choose a semi-automatic or bolt action rifle is a matter of your own personal preference, but if you’re investigating whether to go for a 308, you’ll need to know what’s what. Now we look at some of the major advantages that come with owning one. 

Why Buy Savage 308 Rifles? 

The fact of the matter is that there are a number of compelling reasons why it might be a great idea to buy Savage 308 weapons. Here are some of the main ones. 

Easy Firing For Beginners

When you hold a bolt action rifle in your hands, the one thing that strikes you is the simplicity of its design. There are no moving parts – other than those you move when you open the breach – meaning it’s very easy to pick up firing, especially for beginners. The lack of inner moving parts also makes it a sleeker, lighter option. 

Super Dependable 

Another reason why the 308 is such a good investment is the lack of firing issues you tend to get. Again, because of the super-simple design, there’s much less that can go wrong. As such, you get a weapon that rarely misfires or feeds badly. That is not something you can say too often about semi-autos. 

Nice & Cost-Effective

There are some weapons out there that will put a huge hole in your finances, but the 308 is not one of them. At just shy of $430, you get a prime-quality rifle at a budget-friendly price. That leaves much more of your money spare for aftermarket add-ons like scopes, slings and lasers!

Very, Very Accurate Grouping 

Another top benefit for 308 owners to enjoy is one of the main factors with any weapon – accuracy. Generally speaking, you’ll get a more accurate shot with a bolt-action – something many believe to be because of the lack of other things to think about. Most semi-autos will be crafted with a two-piece stock, but a bolt action offers better support with its single-stock configuration. 

Buy Savage 308 Rifles? It’s Hard to Argue Against It! 

Savage 308s are loved and respected by gun owners across the United States. Every one of them knows that there are better bolt action rifles on the market, but they tend also to be a lot…and we mean, a lot more expensive. What you get with a 308 is a great weapon that meets all of your needs – while also being accessible to everyone’s price range. 

Also, with tight grouping, high reliability and a simple design, this is a rifle that is suitable to everyone – even those who’ve just started out.