Sometimes a homeowner may decide to tackle septic pumping in Canton and other maintenance services. This is usually the case for people living in rural areas, as DIY projects seem cost-effective and easy. However, without the experience and industry-standard equipment needed, it is not advisable. At Rooter Septic Services, we have professional technicians who know how different systems work and can help you professionally address repairs and maintenance concerns. If you notice foul smells, slow drains or stagnant water in the yard, schedule septic pumping in Canton. Here are reasons you should refrain from attempting DIY septic care and maintenance.

Septic Systems Are Underground

Most home systems are simple to inspect and diagnose when there’s a problem, but a septic system is not as straightforward. Since a septic system is underground when you suspect a problem, it is difficult to diagnose and address the problem. Signs of system malfunction or inefficiency can mean several things, and diagnosis is impossible if you can’t access the system.

Septic system parts are spread across the yard, and you may have to dig to access them. These components include the main sewer line, distribution box, pipes, and leach field lines. Inspecting each component is difficult or impossible for an inexperienced individual. Homeowners often use DIY alternatives like bacterial or enzyme supplements, which can’t compare to professional septic pumping in Canton.

Septic Tanks Contain Hazardous Gases and Biohazards

The tank is the easiest part of a septic system to access. Although old systems have heavier lids beneath the ground, modern systems have a riser to help remove the lid for easier access. Regardless of your system’s accessibility, it doesn’t mean DIY septic pumping in Canton is viable. Homeowners lack the equipment to extract solid waste and end up entering the tank, which is not advisable. There are toxic gases and biohazards that can kill you.

Hence, working with a reputable septic company can prevent life-threatening situations by following safety protocols and using the right tools to enhance efficiency. Even removing the lid to peek inside the tank can expose you to hazards that compromise your well-being. In addition, septic tanks are full of fungi, bacteria, rotifers, nematodes, and other microscopic organisms that threaten your health.

Septic Pumping Requires Specialized Equipment

As mentioned, septic pumping in Canton with the proper equipment can be safe. Many DIYers don’t have access to industry-standard tools and lack the expertise to execute pumping and other maintenance tasks safely. Even if you can hire or purchase pumping equipment, you may not detect underlying issues that affect system performance.

We leverage a range of equipment to enhance the quality of service and mitigate risks, such as video cameras, hydro-jetting tools and other machines, to remove the buildup of solid waste. Our technicians also inspect your unit for telltale signs of deterioration and recommend long-term solutions to enhance longevity and efficiency.

These are a few reasons DIY septic pumping in Canton is not a good idea. Contact us at Rooter Septic Services to schedule an appointment with our representatives. We provide excellent septic services at competitive rates.