It is right to say that cats are not dogs regarding social skills. Dogs usually need the attention of their owners and require social interaction. Felines are complete opposites. They are independent and even aloof from their surroundings sometimes. Felines also need social interactions but on their conditions. Pet Insurance Sa helps with unplanned vet bills, so contemplate purchasing cat insurance at the least.

So how do you figure out that your cat wants to be left alone? Or feeling grumpy, or is the cat ignoring you or loving your attention?

There are plenty of reasons your cat might be ignoring you. Let’s know some of the points.

Cats Need Time Alone

The most common reason is that your cat isn’t in the right mood now. Cats are creatures that are independent and have moods and emotions. If you are alluring your cats with treats and goodies and they don’t seem interested, they will ignore you and avoid you. If your feline is busy and spending time with themself, let them be. Please don’t disturb them. Let them come to you when they feel like it.

Older Felines May Not Understand You Need Their Attention

There are some valid reasons your cat might not answer you. For instance, Your feline is growing older and can’t recognise or hear you as they would. Sometimes your cat doesn’t understand that you are trying to gain their attention and unknowingly ignore you. Taking it slow with them will help you. Cats will then decide if they feel like interacting with you. If such behavior becomes a pattern, you must visit your vet and examine for any medical condition.

Cats Might Be Frightened

Cats usually ignore happenings they perceive as threatening or stressed about. If you have previously punished or frightened your cat for any occurence, they will treat you as a threat. Felines don’t understand your intention, so they tend to ignore you. Cats tend to turn a cold shoulder if you accidentally step on them. In such cases, the cat usually stays away from you. Give your cats enough space if they run away or hide from you. Let the time pass, and then try again to earn their attention. Attract them with some tasty treats, and they might be back to you. Always choose a more accessible and friendly way to get their attention. Harsh steps may take you away from them.

Cats Might Not Be Keeping Well

If cats aren’t keeping well, they feel secluded and lonely. As cats age, they develop a medical condition of cognitive dysfunction similar to Alzheimer’s in humans. Look for unusual signs in your cat, like being alone and aloof, drinking more than usual, loss of diet, or behaving weirdly. Then it’s time to visit your vet. Cats usually give up when they fall sick, so the sooner they are diagnosed, the better. With early diagnosis, you can save them.

Cats Get Upset Easily

Cats might seem independent and weird at times, but cats are sensitive and emotional simultaneously. Cats are a little inexpressive compared to cats. Cats cannot handle insulting them. They would not like it if you pet another cat or a dog. They are possessive, and having shared attention might hurt their sentiments. They express their feelings differently in a way that they understand. After some time most cats forgive and return to their owners if treated well with goodies.

If you see unexplainable changes in your feline’s behavior, get your kitty checked for medical conditions.

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