Some people don’t like watching sports, but that’s understandable – they don’t hate police procedural TV shows or NYPD Blue. But, for sports fans, the question is, why don’t some people like sports? While the argument “who cares if a man hits a ball with a stick?” is valid, it isn’t a real reason for not watching sports. It applies equally to any other form of entertainment.

A person may not enjoy watching sports because they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. They might be afraid of contact or the idea of getting hurt. Others might not enjoy watching sports because they have trauma. Nevertheless, many people enjoy sports because they feel a sense of belonging and connection to the larger world. For these people, watching sports is a way to express themselves emotionally. And while watching sports can be a good way to unwind and relax, it is not for everyone.

The answer to the question of why some people don’t like sports may lie in our DNA. Humans have long competed in activities that have real-life survival value. These activities include throwing javelins, jousting, boxing, wrestling, and so on. But sports are not just about competition – they also involve physical and psychological risk, which is why we love them so much. For example, if you like football, you may enjoy the Bears every Sunday. Or you may choose to watch a Sunday afternoon game. And if you’re a college football fan, you’ll find plenty of college games on your Saturday.