Everyone knows to change their engine oil to keep their car running, but changing the oil in your gearbox is just as important. Engine components generate heat and friction that can be damaging over time, leading to thousand-dollar repairs. Lubricants and gear oil like those from American Grease Stick fulfill several key functions in your car.

Reduces Friction

While driving, it’s easy to forget that dozens of metal gears are grinding together under the hood. All that friction out takes a serious toll on the integrity of your motor over time.

Lubricating with gear oil is an easy way to reduce friction. Gear oil differs from normal engine oil in that it’s specifically designed to keep metal turning smoothly. Engine oil does lubricate parts somewhat, but its primary function is to protect your engine’s components from chemicals in gasoline.

Gear oil contains organosulphur compounds, giving it a higher viscosity than engine oil (higher viscosity equals slower flow and “thicker” oil.) This allows it to cling to the metal of your car’s gear systems more effectively.

A layer of gear oil helps the machinery in your gearbox turn and keeps the metal from grinding against itself and becoming damaged. Less friction also means less heat build-up in your engine overall.

Prevents Corrosion

Gear oil does more than lubricate the gears in your car; it protects them from routine damage. Chemicals in your engine, such as old, degrading engine oil, can eat away at the metal of your gears. This is a leading cause of transmission failure.

Modern gear oil acts as a barrier between your gears and corrosive chemicals. It prevents pitting on the metal’s surface and prolongs the life of your engine.

Saves You Money on Repairs

Transmission failure is one of the most costly problems that can affect your vehicle. On average, a transmission repair or replacement will set you back thousands of dollars. Lubricating with a transmission fluid like Pentosin is an inexpensive way to avoid this frustrating and expensive repair.

When To Change Your Gear Oil

Gear oil doesn’t have to be replaced as often as engine oil. If you have an automatic transmission, it’s recommended to change your gear oil once every few years. Manual transmissions don’t have to be oiled as often.

If you hear grinding in your gearbox while driving, that’s a sure sign you need to change your gear oil! Be sure to take care of this before friction and heat cause major problems in your engine.

How To Pick the Right Gear Oil

Gear oil comes in different grades, and it’s important to use the one that’s right for your car. These days, grades GL-1 to GL-3 aren’t used in gearboxes. Instead, you’ll want to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and choose either GL-4 or GL-5.

GL-4 is common in most cars, but using the wrong gear oil will lead to subpar engine performance, so double-check to make sure. When you’ve found the correct gear oil for your car, use AutoZone coupons to save even more on car maintenance. If you would like to know more about panel beaters check out NRC Group.