The conventional education system in the country never really acknowledged the fact that apart from a mainstream education it is also important to impart proper financial knowledge into children. Indians have a general tendency to ignore financial education and deem it as a mere secondary in the list of priorities. 

But you need not to worry anymore, for upsurge has taken cognizance of the delicacy of the matter and has thus taken up the task to provide a proper financial education for your child. Upsurge is an online platform that helps organise and educate individuals on money related matters including handling of money management tools and other financial products such as investment accounts, credit cards, loans, etc. 

It is of utmost importance to ensure that your child gets a proper financial education which would further help your child become financially independent and manage their own finance related matters. However, it is not only limited to children, individuals from any and all age groups must have a proper financial knowledge and proper understanding of money handling tactics.

How does financial education help an individual be independent?

Financial education or financial literacy refers to the proper knowledge and skills required for managing personal finances and other money related matters.

Financial education involves learning about the value of money and matters pertaining to it. It also includes understanding the importance of money management and utilisation of money management tools that prove to be helpful in effective monitoring and management of your money. Without a proper financial education children tend to spend money recklessly without thinking about its repercussions but on the other hand with a proper knowledge and insight of the field the same children would spend the money in a more wisely and judicious way.

Money is certainly the most important commodity that every individual needs to have a proper understanding, especially when it comes to money management, however it is the one thing that gets neglected almost every single time. However, tables have turned as of now, with technology at our disposal and under our fingertips, an individual can literally access anything and everything they need. There are several financial education platforms that offer a certain financial literacy course for anyone seeking the same. All you need to do is simply register with a certain platform and then they will guide you through the entire process of money management.

Established in 2018, Upsurge too is one such financial education platform which is committed to its goal of providing individuals with a proper financial literacy. Upsurge was founded by a team of financial experts and data scientists with a common goal to make financial education easily accessible and personalised for all interested individuals.

All the financial courses that Upsurge offers are designed and taught by experienced financial professionals and are designed in a way that they are to be easy to understand for people with any and all levels of financial literacy.