Although car vandalism is costly, your auto insurance could be able to help you in taking care of the costs. However, based on the situation, filing a claim might not always be advantageous. The theft of catalytic converters from hybrid and electric vehicles in the United States has recently involved the use of hacksaws. The number of thefts has increased, which has led to an increase in vandalism claims. 

To learn everything there is to know about making a vandalism claim, read this blog. 

What kind of automobile insurance includes vandalism?

Comprehensive auto insurance protects your car from weather-related damage, theft, and vandalism. 

Comprehensive coverage is not required in the US. You are not required by any state to have it.

If you’re not sure if comprehensive coverage is included in your policy, look at the declarations page of your auto insurance. The declarations page, which is frequently attached to the front of your policy, details the extent of your coverage. If you can’t find yours, get in touch with your auto insurance company. 

You could be covered for the following vandalism-related damages under your comprehensive insurance: 

  • locking your car 
  • Having paint sprayed on your vehicle or having glue put into the locks 
  • Shattering windows or cutting tyres 

When should vandalism insurance claims be filed?

You’ll need to make a claim if your car has sustained significant damage. It might not always be a good idea to file an insurance claim. In some cases, paying out of pocket is preferable if the harm to your car is not that severe!

A claim like this could need the payment of a deductible as well as an increase in your auto insurance rates, but this rise is frequently not as significant as some other claims. 

In conclusion, if the repair costs are similar to or even slightly higher than your deductible, don’t file a claim. Obtaining a quote from a neighboring garage may help you decide what to do next. 

How does insurance protection against vandalism work? 

An auto insurance policy’s comprehensive coverage is the part that covers vandalism. Be aware, though, that comprehensive coverage is not required (unless it is mandated by your lienholder or leasing agency). It is recognised that physical damage insurance covers your vehicle in circumstances other than collisions.

How can I file an auto insurance Louisiana claim following vandalism?

Have you experienced auto theft? You do care a lot about your car, and if it had been wrecked, you would have been upset. Always remember to be calm. If you choose to file a claim for the damage, there are a few easy actions you can do to hasten the process. 

Report the damage: Record the whole aftermath of the vandalism only when you ensure that the situation is not threatening. Click pictures from various angles as soon as possible! Note the day, time, and place where you parked your car, as well as the moment you first saw the damage. 

Consult any witnesses: Make a note of their name and phone number if they witnessed the incident.

Make a police report and deliver it to the local police force: If you’re making a claim for vandalism, you might need a police report. Your car’s manufacturer, model, and vehicle identification number (VIN) are significant pieces of information. 

Phone your motor insurance company: Contact your insurance company as soon as you can and inform them of the damage if you want to file a claim. If your auto insurance provider has one, you can frequently complete this process online, over the phone, or via a mobile app. 

Examine the harm done to your car: Your motor insurance provider could insist that you go to a specific repair shop if you’re filing a claim.

If your car is damaged, any necessary repairs would be covered as long as you have comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive insurance entirely covers vandalism, albeit there is generally a deductible. 

If comprehensive coverage is included in your auto insurance policy, vandalism-related damage will be covered. When your car is not being driven, it may suffer vandalism, theft, or weather-related damage, all of which are covered by comprehensive auto insurance.

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