Dashing for Doordash has become lucrative side gigs and full-time work for freelancers.

Yes, you freelancers can make money with Doordash! Dashers earn between $2 to $10 per delivery, and some make $25 hourly, according to Doordash. 

Dashers can use several strategies to build their incomes on the delivery platform. Reputation is an important one.

First, Dashers must maintain a rating of 4.2 and above to remain active on the platform. Second, the rating tells customers what kind of service they can expect. 

In addition, the platform gives first dibs to the highest-rated delivery drivers to better pay in exclusive delivery zones.

Let’s explore reputation ratings for Doordash Dashers in more detail. 

What Is a Positive Reputation as a Doordash Worker?

A positive reputation as a Doordash worker is a cumulative score or rating above 4.2 and an 80% completion rate.

Delivery recipients can rate freelancers after receiving their orders. Plus, the platform considers the completion rate and timeliness of deliveries.

Therefore, building a solid reputation starts with satisfying the platform’s basic parameters.

Then, Dashers can take a few steps to impress their customers further.

How Do Doordash Delivery Ratings Work?

Doordash will deactivate drivers who do not maintain a minimum rating of 4.2 and 80% completion. In addition, the platform can deactivate drivers who repeatedly deliver orders late.

The score comes from customer ratings on a scale of one to five. The good news is that Doordash rolls the scores. Therefore, one or two bad ratings will fall off. The bad news is that drivers must stay on their toes to maintain stellar scores.

The following details outline how to build a positive reputation as a doordash worker.

Focus on a Geographic Area

Since the Doordash platform monitors the timeliness of deliveries, Dashers can take a few steps to optimize delivery time.

For example, seasoned freelancers focus on specific geographic areas. Some Dashers work in downtown areas with high congestion of offices or residential areas near shopping centers and eateries.

Moreover, sometimes it’s possible to bundle orders to maximize optimal delivery times and income.

The point is to remain close to pick-up and delivery points. 

After all, Dashers deliver to customers who are ready to eat. Drivers who make haste are more likely to receive rave ratings from delivery recipients. 

Learn the Patterns

Next, learn the patterns. The busiest times occur during typical lunch and dinner hours of 11 am to 2 pm and 4:30 pm to 8 pm. 

Therefore, make yourself available during rush hours within your chosen geographic area. 

Seeing the availability of several hours can motivate Dashers to pick up and deliver with a sense of urgency. Plus, the constant flow of orders allows freelancers to remain in work mode.

Demonstrate Courtesy

Some customers meet delivery drivers at the door. Others request that drivers drop off the orders at designated spots. 

Dashers who encounter their customers should demonstrate courtesy.

Greet them, hand them their orders, and bid them farewell as you leave. Take care when handing over deliveries, especially if the contents contain hot items or those that could spill.

The presentation can earn Dashers presentation points with customers. 

Customers who have good experiences are less likely to give ratings. However, recipients who have a bad experience will tell others. 

Therefore, Dashers must coax customers with positive experiences to rate them.

Read Customer Notes

Some customers give special delivery instructions. For example, clients might not meet their Dashers at the door but allow them to leave the order on the front step or with the receptionist.

To build a positive reputation, adhere to any delivery notes left by the customer. It prevents them from leaving a negative rating for the order and could coax them to leave a positive one.

Invest in Food Delivery Equipment

Some food doesn’t travel well. Dashers who pick up orders from Starbucks must exercise extra care, so drinks don’t spill.

Several establishments have embraced the delivery trend. Therefore, they provide delivery-friendly packaging. Nonetheless, Dashers benefit from investing in food delivery equipment.

Customers appreciate it when the food arrives in good condition, which can encourage them to leave positive ratings, boosting the Dasher’s reputation. 

Top equipment to invest in includes insulated delivery bags and drink carriers. 

Then, consider investing in Doordash branded gear such as shirts. After your first delivery, the platform mails each driver a starter kit that includes branded insulated bags and cards.

The gear keeps food warm and helps customers identify their delivery drivers. For taste and safety reasons, many will appreciate both.


Building a positive reputation as a Doordash worker starts with satisfying the basic parameters established by the platform. Dashers who make timely deliveries and complete all orders accepted should earn a 4.2 rating and above. Kick the score to 5 by demonstrating courtesy to customers and investing in food delivery equipment.