With Halloween fast approaching and people wanting to sit down and get into the real spirit of the season, horror films will see a massive increase in popularity around this time. If you’re looking to do the same and get into that Halloween spirit for the upcoming time of the year but you aren’t too sure where to start looking, what good horror movies are out there or the ones with the best story? Don’t worry, as today we’ve made a list of the best horror movies available for you to watch, with a mix of different stories, ranging from paranormal stories, serial killers, and all different types of haunting. So, if you’re looking for something to give you a good scare this Halloween, stay tuned for the best spooky movies for you to enjoy! Going to the cinema is always a good way to enjoy scary films, however, these movies are all previous releases. To get the best viewing experience as close to the cinema, we’d recommend watching these movies on a large screen TV, mounted to the wall, for the best viewing experience possible. For professional TV wall mounting services, click here.


A Stephen King film, first released in 1990, now has two newer remakes with brand new stories and in truth, much scarier than the slightly outdated 1990 one now. There’s no doubting Stephen King’s ability to make great films as IT tells the story about an old shape-shifting entity that reappears every 27 years, often taking the form of Pennywise the killer clown who comes to prey on the children of Derry, Maine. 7 outcasts from this town fight against the killer clown, who knows their own battles that they must overcome as they take on the evil and bloodthirsty Pennywise. This movie also comes with a follow up movie and part 2, meaning if you get through the first one quick enough and want to know more about what happens with the characters and the rest of the story, you can jump straight into the second part. This movie is pretty well known in the horror genre so it’s no surprise if you might’ve already seen the movies, but don’t worry as there’s plenty more on our list of the best horror movies.


This movie can be seen as a horror/thriller movie, directed again by another famous name in the movie industry, Jordan Peele, director of the famous movie Get Out, this movie is just as intense as Get Out, and will have you on the edge of your seat for most of the movie. Adelaide Wilson visits her childhood home on the seashore with her husband, son, and daughter. Adelaide, who is tormented by a horrible memory from her past, becomes more and more worried that something terrible would transpire. Four individuals soon attack the home later at night when they first get to their holiday home, turning the Wilsons’ greatest fears into reality and putting them in a struggle for survival. The family is startled to discover that each assailant assumes the look of one of them when they get closer and confront the family. This movie has plenty of twists and turns as each member of the family battles against the other half of them, with the story showing a deeper meaning towards the end. This movie is not only scary but also has a great story, making it one of the best horror movies about.


On Netflix right at this moment, there’s no better opportunity to watch this movie as the main character, Chloe, seemingly has all these health problems including 0 mobility, meaning she needs a wheelchair. Due to these significant health problems, Chloe lives at home with her mum, Diane in complete isolation away from everyone, with her mum in total control since she was born, as Chloe is now an inquisitive teenager, she finds pills that she takes as ‘medication’ every day under her mum’s name, with Chloe exploring more and finding out her mother’s dark secrets.


Another famous series of horror films, Insidious now has 4 movies and if you’re going to watch all 4 of this famous horror movie franchise, it’s best to start with the first. Parents Josh and Renée Lambert, together with their two boys Dalton and Foster, are only beginning to settle into their new house when their oldest son, Dalton, falls from a ladder, strikes his head, and enters a coma, terrifying them all. The two parents have no clue what has happened to their kid after consulting with the physicians and learning that he has not suffered any head damage. The two seek the assistance of Elise Rainier, a paranormal investigator, as terrible, unexplainable incidents begin to occur. Elise informs the family of shocking information about their son that makes his coma the least of their concerns… as the insidious movies surround a number of different possessions, demons, and entities. Another famous set of movies you’ve probably heard of or even watched, but they definitely make the list of the best horror movies.