Watching TV is one of the most popular hobbies in the world; often people finish their work for the night or week and they want to relax with most people’s choices often being watching TV. Even doing this simple but relaxing hobby has grown in popularity over the years and also changed in terms of the way in which people consume TV. Previously people would have little choice of what they can watch on TV with what is on the normal cable being your choice of what you can watch, however, over the years this has changed with the ever-growing use of the internet, meaning you can now watch things on demand, record shows and the introduction of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. These services have a magnitude of new series and TV shows for people to now indulge in, however, this can often make the choice of what to watch harder. Due to the sheer number of movies and shows on these streaming platforms, you can end up scrolling endlessly, trying to find the perfect show, watching the trailers and reading the descriptions, making it difficult to choose. If this sounds like you, and you’re sitting down to watch a film on Netflix but can’t quite choose, then don’t worry as today we count down the best movies on Netflix, to help you with that all-important job. Another option for watching movies is the cinema, however, this can cost a lot of money by the time you buy the tickets and food. To get close to that cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home, we recommend watching on a large-screen TV mounted to the wall. For professional TV wall mounting, click here.


It takes place not too long in the future. In the hopes of having their sentences reduced, convicted criminals are exploited as test subjects for pharmaceutical companies’ experimental new synthetic medications. This movie focuses on the drugs that are administered to these criminals to induce a variety of feelings, but primarily “Love.” One patient in particular suffers with these emotions and wonders if they are all in his brain. So, he sets out on the road to discover the truth.

El Camino

This movie is a spin-off from Breaking Bad, which is widely regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time, so if you’ve seen Breaking Bad, this follow-up is definitely the movie for you.  Jesse must flee his past demons after being finally set free from Tod’s uncle Jack’s torture and slavery, as well as from Mr. White. His last chance of escaping a police manhunt is Ed Galbraith, the hoover man played by Saul Goodman. a man who, for the correct sum of money, can grant you a new name and a new beginning. With the aid of his crew, Jesse is attempting to escape capture while working against the clock to save money for a “new dust filter for his Hoover MaxExtract PressurePro model” and a new life. This movie is unique in the fact it links up with a TV show, it has great features from old characters loved by many and is easily one of the best movies on Netflix.

Don’t look up

Kate, a student of astronomy, finds evidence of an unknown comet. According to Dr. Mindy, her lecturer, the asteroid’s track overlaps that of the Earth, and an impact will occur in around six months, eradicating all life. To present their findings, they go to the White House. The White House, however, has different ideas and is attempting to intimidate Dr. Mindy and Kate. Nothing actually changes despite their best efforts to educate the public through a television programme. They’ll soon learn why no one is interested in what they have to say. This movie is mixed with comedy throughout the more serious back series and makes it onto the list of the  best movies on Netflix.


An aspiring stand-up comedian named Arthur Fleck has a number of mental problems, including one that makes him giggle excessively under stress and frequently puts him in dangerous situations. Arthur only wants to be accepted by others, but due to his mental illness, practically everyone in society rejects and despises him. Arthur’s life starts to spiral out of control into delusions, violence, and anarchy after he is severely assaulted and has his medication stopped, and finally he turns into Gotham’s famed Clown-Prince of Crime.


This is a slightly different type of movie on the list now in the form of the only horror movie to make it onto the best movies on Netflix list. Teenage wheelchair user Chloe is educated at home by her mother. But Chloe notices her mother’s odd conduct, and when she finds some confidential files; she finds a Change of Name Certificate document with Diane Sherman as the name on it. When Chloe searches for “Diane Sherman,” the internet abruptly goes down. Chloe has misgivings about everything her mother does and begins to believe the worst of her. She makes the decision to flee in her wheelchair in an effort to get away from her.