Are you a dedicated fan of your favorite Tv series or movie? And you would do anything to explore the real-life locations where they were filmed? In that case, we have some breath-taking news for you!

Throughout the United States, there are countless superb spots that you can actually visit with your family and friends. This article won’t cover any major Hollywood studios where access is limited or entirely restricted for tourists.

Beware: visiting shooting locations can be a life-changing experience!

Seeing an exact shooting location gives an extra amount of adrenaline to the loyal fanbase. It inspires film buffs to walk in the shoes of actual characters in the story. Then, on-location authenticity frequently beats studio settings, which are often destroyed after filming. Besides, pretending to be a hero, heroine, or villain provides them with plenty of room to dream, rethink, and continue the original storyline in their own imagination.

For some fans, this “otherworldy” experience can be a genuine life-changer, resulting in a desperate need to alter the course of their lives. Suppose this has happened to you, and now you wish to move to the actual location. In that case, you should contact top-tier local real estate agents asap!

Can you spot any ghosts here?

Everybody loves the original Ghostbusters from 1984 unconditionally. The team of daring adventurers, quirky scientists, and misfits decide to cleanse New York from unholy creatures.

Did you know that the dauntless crew set up its headquarters at an actual current location? 14 North Moore Street today hosts the New York City Fire Department station called Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8. And it shouldn’t surprise you that the venue turned into one of the must-see tourist attractions in the Big Apple.

In 2016, the iconic 113-year-old building received a well-deserved six-million-dollar worth of “cosmetic surgery.” Therefore, visiting Ghostbusters’s shooting location (featuring two original logos) is a 100 percent safe and sound experience. They installed a new electrical system into the building and plumbing upgrades. However, reconstruction reports don’t cover exorcism services performed on the structure. So, you might be lucky and spot some spooky ghosts lurking in the shadows.

Bring garlic and a crucifix with you!

Undoubtedly, the Twilight series (2008-2012) struck a chord among (mainly teenager) vampire- and werewolves fans. As a result, the franchise proved to be a goldmine and launched the careers of its talented cast members. Filmmakers used various shooting locations in Washington and Oregon. You can visit Kalama High School in Kalama, Washington, where they shot the exterior scenes. Note that the school’s interior scenes were produced in Madison High in Portland, Oregon.

Once you’re in the neighborhood, don’t forget to visit other iconic spots, such as the Carver Cafe in Damascus, OR, where our heroes often hang out. Bella Swan’s House is another trendy tourist spot. Find the property at 184 South 6th Street in Saint Helens, OR. The infamous vampire residency, the Cullen House, is in Portland, OR, equipped with three bathrooms, four bedrooms, and luscious greenery to offer shadow to its inhabitants.

Georgia is on a roll!

Do you know which state ranks third on the list of ideal shooting locations, just behind Los Angeles and New York? On the one hand, Georgia already boasted spectacular places to visit. But now, the state benefits from new capital pouring in that Georgians invest in more spectacular tourist attractions and irresistible filming locations. The Peach State adapted a truly advantageous tax credit system, turning it into a bonafide paradise for filmmakers.

First and foremost, we recommend you visit Atlanta, GA! You can see the filming venues of such blockbusters as Ford v Ferrari, Driving Miss Daisy, Escape from New York, and The Hunger Games. In the latter case, the city’s unique architecture allowed the franchise to shoot futuristic scenes. Therefore, the convention hotel, Marriott Marquis (built-in 1985), is a must-see spot. The venue features a high-tech atrium, ahead of its time, that functions as the imaginary capital’s tribute center in the films.

Don’t go in here if you’re afraid of the boogeyman?

The Myers House from Halloween (1978) is every horror fan’s wet dream to visit once in a lifetime. Let’s reveal the big secret! The original address of Michael Myers’ residence was 707 Meridian Avenue in South Pasadena, California. However, the powder blue property was later moved to 1000 Mission Street near the railroad tracks. Now the two-story saltbox real estate functions as a chiropractor’s office.

In its turn, the building, known as the Century House, has a colorful history. It was built in 1888 as one of the city’s first homes. By the time the filmmakers started shooting, the property had been abandoned and required a significant facelift.

Though the film became a hit, the house remained dilapidated and destined to be bulldozed in 1987. However, a South Pasadena council member, David Margrave, bought it for one silver dollar; legend has it. Later, he transported the spooky house to its current location. Today, it enjoys the awarded status of South Pasadena Cultural Heritage Landmark No. 34!

So if you’re visiting the best places in California, you shouldn’t miss your chance to see the irresistible boogeyman’s cradle.

Ghostwood estates are calling!

Imagine endless rows of majestic redwoods and Douglas firs forming dense forests surrounding a small, idyllic American fictitious town! This town is home to infinite mysteries and supernatural beings that come out at night. Twin Peaks, the legendary series from the 1990s (and 2017), combines various genre tropes, such as slapstick and screwball comedy, thriller, and horror elements, and blends them into a seamless whole.

The town and its immediate surroundings play an integral role in the story. It’s no wonder that these locations of haunting beauty still mesmerize the old and new fans of the show. Suppose you’re already an avid aficionado or just about to discover this hypnotic TV series. In that case, we recommend you visit Laura Palmer’s house, the Double R Diner in North Bend, OR, and the rocking Roadhouse in Fall City, WA!

You can book a room in the Great Northern Hotel (in reality known as the Salish Lodge and Spa) and admire the grandiose Snoqualmie Falls in the vicinity. The lodge offers its clients a Twin Peaks package with the indispensable damn fine coffee and sweet cherry pie. Just don’t forget: the owls are not what they seem!


These neighborhoods were only a foretaste of the US’s most extraordinary and famous filming locations. Seeing your beloved movie’s actual shooting spot provides an exciting, out-of-body experience. Moreover, you can’t compare real-life authenticity with a filming studio’s artificial and handmade settings. In a word, these unique locations will send shivers down your spine! These superb locations will make for excellent 4th of July celebration destinations!