It may seem like classic photo albums are a relic of the past – but this is far from the truth. Although we live in an increasingly digital age where electronic photo albums offer functionality such as the ability to create collages and even show video as well as still images the fact of the matter is that the photo album still has much to offer. 

Curating Important Memories

While it may be tempting to store all those precious memories on our mobile phones the sheer storage capacity of these smartphones may be their biggest problem.

Whereas we are forced to pick and choose those precious images when we make use of a photo album (they do after all have limited pages) their use makes us think extremely carefully about which images are most precious. Whereas we tend to skip over many of the images on our phones that is a luxury that we do not have when using a photo album.

Family Connections

Taking a family photo album from the shelf allows us to take the first step in sharing memories with loved ones in a format that encourages closeness. there can be very few substitutes for paging through an album of treasured memories with those we hold nearest and dearest. t is an experience far removed from pursuing electronic images. It is a valuable opportunity to connect with those that we love. 

A Photo Album is a Physical Memory Aid

Electronic images do have something to offer – but they cannot match a photo album when it comes to the inclusion of those important momentoes of a treasured special occasion. For instance, a wedding invitation can be pictured on an electronic device. But removing that same wedding invitation from a wedding album provides a tactile experience, one that no electronic device can provide. That first birthday card to a beloved grandson can mean far more than an image. That is one of the beauties of a photo album – it is a true multimedia experience.

Great Choice

Photo albums come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – and there is one that is perfect for almost any occasion. they can be as ornate as possible or boast simplicity that makes the images it contains even more heartwarming. Companies such as Photoland can even design an album that is a unique vehicle for displaying those carefully curated images – and there is an option to suit every budget. 

Bits and bytes may not stand the test of time. Smartphones malfunction and electronic photo frames become outdated and suffer failure. But the classic, evergreen photo album has stood the test of time – and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future. if you want to preserve those treasured memories in a format that makes each image a unique expression of love and devotion then the classic or customizable photo album is one that simply makes sense – and can be passed down from generation to generation, ensuring that memories live on.