On the day of Medina’s third birthday, B-town singer Adnan Sami shared pictures of the event with his fans. In one photo, the actor and singer can be seen cutting a cake with his wife Roya Faryab. In another, he shares a video of him playing the piano. In a subsequent post, the father invites fans to pray for her and humanity.

After her father passed away, Adnan was honoured with a new citizenship in December 2015, which he acquired. The couple married in 1993. Their daughter is one of their seven children. Sami’s career spans 32 years, and she has won numerous awards including the Nigar Award, the Bolan Academy Award, and the Graduate Award. She is the youngest recipient of the prestigious Naushad Music Award. Other notable recipients of the award include Lata Mangeshkar. Sami’s success was also recognized when she was invited to be a jury member at the Voice of Asia festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The singer’s first formal album was accompanied by Zakir Hussain. Sami’s first vocal solo album, Raag Time, was released in 1991, which included the title track Teri Yaad.

In 2010, Adnan Sami married Roya Sami, daughter of a retired diplomat. In 2010, the two were photographed arriving at Mumbai airport with their daughter and son. Sami’s first wife, Zeba Bakhtiar, gave birth to his son Azaan Sami Khan, who is 23 years old. The actor and his wife had a son named Azaan Sami Khan, who is currently working in the United States.