We’re towards the end of the year now, and 2022 has been full of great new TV shows to watch, whether it’s brand new releases or a new season coming out, there has been plenty of TV for people to sit down and enjoy. If you’re looking for that last TV show of the year to sit down and enjoy, but you aren’t quite sure where to turn to, and if you find yourself on Netflix, scrolling through endless amounts of shows trying to find the next one, then don’t worry we’ve got you sorted. Maybe even you’ve just finished a really great show that you enjoyed a lot and that can be difficult to know where to turn to after enjoying that certain show so much. If you find yourself in this scenario and aren’t sure what to start next then we can help you make this choice, as today we’ve made a list of the best Netflix series of 2022. For the best viewing experience when watching these TV shows, you should watch them on a large screen TV mounted to the wall. For professional TV wall mounting services, click here.

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

This is quite a long and confusing title but if you search for the first few words it’s sure to be one of the first things that shows up on Netflix. Releasing at the start of the year on January 28th this Netflix Original drama mystery, tells the story of Anna Bell, whose day-to-day life is the same and inconsolable. She enjoys her wine while sitting and watching the world go by outside the window. However, Anna begins to see some hope when a charming neighbour moves in across the street. That is, until she sees a horrific murder. But did she? Battling against her medicine, drinking problems and erratic fear of rain, Anna tries to find out the truth behind this mystery, which has a fascinating and humorous story throughout the duration of the show. Definitely making this one of the best Netflix series of 2022.

The Sandman

This is a newer series, released on August 5th, The Sandman is an American fantasy drama, based on a comic book released by DC, the remake is released solely on Netflix again and is produced by DC and Warner Bros. The Sandman, commonly referred to as Morpheus or the Dream of the Endless, is a lord of sleep and a godlike figure who personifies dreams. Chaos results from Dream’s absence in both the dreaming and waking worlds when he is caught by occultists who are pursuing immortality. The Sandman must reclaim the power that was taken from him after 105 years of captivity in order to attempt and make things right. He encounters wizards, demons, renegade dreams, and his complex family on this adventure, which takes him around the globe and deep into hell. This new series is quite a strange and dark watch, but once you get into the story and understand it, you’ll definitely be hooked, making this one of the best Netflix series of 2022.

Pieces of Her

The 2022 American thriller drama Pieces of Her, developed by Charlotte Stoudt and based on Karin Slaughter’s 2018 novel of the same name, will debut on Netflix. The plot of Pieces of Her centres on Andrea, who is involved in a fatal shooting spree at a neighbourhood diner. Later, she sees her mother Laura fiercely and skilfully removing the threat. Andrea’s view on their entire familial connection changes as she starts to piece together her mother’s behaviour on that specific day. Soon after, characters from her mother’s history start to return, forcing her to flee. She tries to piece together the reality that her mother long ago buried while on the voyage.

Inventing Anna

The drama series Inventing Anna is based on the real-life exploits of high society con artist Anna Sorokin (also known as Anna Delvey). German-born Anna Sorokin, who claimed to be an extremely wealthy German heiress named Anna Delvey, relocated to New York City in 2013. She claimed to have an estimated $60 million in riches, but she routinely persuaded her high-society pals to pay for hotel stays, dining out, and shopping trips by saying her money was delayed abroad or that she had misplaced her wallet. Ultimately, Sorokin was found guilty of larceny and theft of services, was sent in jail from 2019 to February 2021, and was arrested in March in preparation for his deportation to Germany. As Sorokin awaited trial, the TV show follows a journalist with a lot to prove as she starts looking into her misdeeds to learn how she was able to steal the money and hearts of New York’s high society, and is definitely one of the best Netflix series of 2022.