Everybody loves to laugh, but sometimes comedy movies and TV shows don’t quite do the trick. It can be better to go directly to the route of comedy and watch stand-up comedy shows on Netflix. If you want the experience of feeling like you’re there live watching your favourite joke-teller, improve the set-up you watch on. You could try adding in a home cinema system such for sound or try wall-mounting your TV for a better watching experience, click here to contact the professionals. But anyway, on with the list.

Daniel Sloss: Jigsaw

Daniel Sloss currently has 2 stand-up comedy shows on Netflix – Dark and Jigsaw. Whilst both are hilariously funny, Jigsaw takes it to a whole new level. With Dad jokes, making fun of Vegans, the joys of parenting, and a very interesting analogy on relationships. This will certainly make you laugh for 45 minutes, but towards the end, you may be questioning everything you ever thought about relationships, as it has caused over 120,000 breakups. However, if you’re currently single – this is a love letter to you. Be prepared to laugh, but mindblown at this young Scottish talent’s knowledge.

Ricky Gervais: Supernature

Ricky Gervais was always going to be on our list of stand-up comedy shows on Netflix, but this one is not for everyone. Ricky Gervais, in his typical style, pokes fun at things “other people are too scared to speak about”. His outlandish jokes will target almost anything, but this could cause offence to some. You will either love it or hate it so you may want to do some research beforehand to avoid being left upset. If his stand-up isn’t for you, you should check out some of his other work on Netflix such as Afterlife which is much less targeted, and more based on good writing with some excellent jokes.

Katherine Ryan: In Trouble

You may recognise her from many TV shows such as 8 out of 10 cats and Mock the Week. Katherine Ryan, a Canadian comedian, discusses the benefits of dating younger guys, her unique relationships, staying in the hometown she despises, and how she once offended an entire nation. In a world of mostly men, Katherine Ryan certainly acts as a disruptor as one of the best comedians on the scene. Katherine Ryan is not for everyone, but you’ll be likely to make your mind up in the first 10 minutes

Bo Burnham: Inside

A bit different from traditional stand-up comedy is Bo Burnham’s inside. We were unsure whether to add it to the list of stand-up comedy shows on Netflix as it’s not a normal stand-up show. But filmed during the pandemic when nothing was normal, Bo created a special all from inside his house. Using unbelievable effects, without a crew or live audience, this masterpiece features songs that everyone stuck inside during the pandemic will resonate with. He has fun songs, political songs and other pandemic-based songs. If this style of comedy doesn’t resonate with you, Bo does have 2 other proper stand-up shows which you should definitely check out.

James Acaster: Repertoire

James Acaster has a mini-series of 4 part shows, Recognise in which James before presenting audio from his very secret podcast, comments about his love of loopholes, free products, childhood fantasies, cardboard boxes, and more. Representing some light celebrity gossip, James talks about jury duty, bad massages, Secret Santa, fortune cookies, log flumes, and other topics. Reset when James describes his fool-proof honey racket before touching on British museums, grocery store dividers, witness protection and pasta terminology and finally Recap as James presents groundbreaking bread research, sings about his local football team and relays his thoughts on ice cream, twister and lip skin. This four-part series is worth watching all of as they do link up, but if you don’t want to do that, each individual show is still very funny.

Greg Davies: You Magnificent Beast

Another face you may recognise from TV shows is Greg Davies. This is a stereotypically British stand-up show that revisits terrifying dates, manscaping disasters, his father’s pranks and more in this funny stand-up special. This is a traditional stand-up comedy show with no special effects etc.

Bill Burr: I’m Sorry You Feel That Way

The comedian makes gags on religion, upbringing, and his relationship with his long-suffering wife. The special was unusually filmed in black and white, but due to the range of topics Bill speaks about, it’s not for those who may be easily offended or who don’t like swearing. Described as “Bill’s best work”, if you are a fan of crude humour it is definitely for you. Just like all good humour, it is highly relatable and takes you on a real emotional rollercoaster.

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