While cufflinks have a reputation for being somewhat of an old-fashioned accessory, they’re still sported by celebs globally. This is especially true of unique men’s cufflinks that complement and uplift any ensemble. It goes without saying that cufflinks simply ooze class, which is why they’re worn by some of the most sophisticated celebs out there. With a couple of royals on the list and some of the most esteemed men in music and movies, it’s no wonder that cufflinks are regarded as some of the most classic accessories. Listed below are some of our favorite celebs that love a pair of cufflinks. 

King Charles

First up is the current king of England, Charles III. Despite his mature age, King Charles is by no means an unfashionable individual. Instead, he sports some of the most stylish ensembles that are equally classic and modern. One thing that remains a constant, though, is his cufflinks. While he’s not someone who adorns himself in numerous accessories, he does keep it classic with a trusty pair of cufflinks. They help him keep everything neat and tidy, allowing him to portray his all-important royal exterior.  Nowadays, though, he needs to ensure his cufflinks match his crown. 

Prince William 

It’s not just King Charles that loves a pair of cufflinks; his son, Prince William, does, too. As the heir to the throne, Prince William also has a reputation to uphold, and the wearing of cufflinks plays a role in this. That said, as Prince William is significantly younger than King Charles, he will sometimes be slightly more experimental with his cufflinks. This isn’t to say that he chooses anything completely out of the ordinary, but he does sometimes go for something a little more modern. As a result, he sports modernity and class in tandem.

George Clooney

From the throne to the movie screen, George Clooney is another famous figure that’s known for wearing cufflinks. In fact, Mr Clooney has been nicknamed “Mr Cool” by his fans, and his image is a huge factor in this. His wearing of cufflinks is one of the aspects that makes Clooney’s style unique, setting him apart from other actors. One way that Clooney maintains this coolness via cufflinks is by using them to craft a sophisticated style. After all, wearing cufflinks is one of the easiest ways to boast sophistication, and Clooney does so with such elegance. 

Justin Timberlake 

As the singer of “Suit and Tie”, it’s no surprize that Justin Timberlake is an avid cufflink wearer. The former N-Sync member has ditched his frosted tips from the ‘90s and now goes for a more sophisticated approach to his style. One of the ways he achieves this sophistication is via sterling silver cufflinks, which he typically pairs with a black tuxedo. In fact, ensembles such as these have won him multiple “best-dressed” awards. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Timberlake boasts a timeless style that will be fashionable for decades to come. 

Eddie Redmayne 

Not only is Eddie Redmayne an award-winning actor, but he’s also a style icon for any man who loves the suit and tie look. He’s just one of the many celebs that steer away from looking the same as everyone else via their cufflinks. As with Timberlake, Redmayne is a fan of sterling silver cufflinks. After all, it’s hard to go wrong with silver; you’ll struggle to find a color that can’t be comfortably paired with silver. It’s for this reason that silver is so popular on the cufflink market, wherein effortless style is assured every time.