Marius Lucas Antonio Listhrop (born June 19, 1994), known professionally as Scarlxrd, is a British rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is known for his unusual musical style, which combines elements of rap and heavy metal. Formerly known on YouTube as Mazzi Maz, he began his music career as the lead singer for the band Myth City in 2014, before debuting as a rapper with the single Girlfriend under the name Scarlxrd. His most famous song is Heart Attack, which has more than 80 million views on YouTube.


In almost all his songs he is always dressed in black, sometimes with a bulletproof vest, and with a black mask. It consists of many parts, such as the mask, eyeglasses, a t-shirt, a tactical vest, etc. There is also much variation among the accessories. If you like scarlxrd outfits, you should definitely check the following guide to know what does Scarlxrd wear. From his cargo pants, techwear belt to sneakers, his original style, halfway between streetwear, gothic and techwear, is an integral part of his image.


Known worldwide in 2017 with the track “HEART ATTACK” which now has more than 70 million views, Scarlxrd is the spearhead of this new hiphop scene that makes the perfect crossover between rap and metal. His universe oscillates between Japanese influences, gothic and violent instrus. Leaving aside his career as a youtuber, he reinvented himself in music with a style that is original to say the least. He quickly proposes new musics with other well known artists of the field like GHOSTEMANE with whom he produces “LXRDMAGE”, or LIL DARKIE another raper with hardcore lyrics.

To date, Scarlxrd has toured extensively around the world, going from British phenomenon to global star. To date, Scarlxrd has toured extensively around the world, going from British phenomenon to global star. A new album has already been announced as being in production, which suggests that a new tour will follow, something to discover or rediscover the crazy looking singer!

If you’re a fan of original music with dark lyrics, you’ll love listening to Scarlxrd!”


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